Making Money With Facebook Pay Per Click Ads

Making Money With Facebook Pay Per Click Ads

Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

With Facebook, it’s not a matter of “if the ad will be seen” it’s rather a matter of “who will see the ad”.

If you take advantage the Facebook social network, with its immense market reach, you can easily reach a wide audience. No matter the niche. 

This is great, especially for online marketing campaigns, as placing your offer before a huge audience is crucial. But the benefits of the Facebook Advertising Platform do not stop there. In fact, there a few other features that work together to make it one of the best advertising platforms. No matter the niche.

Facebook search

The search bar on Facebook is a valuable way to connect with other people. But for a marketer, it’s also a powerful market research tool as it gives you the ability to get real time insights and information about your audience.

When you type a term or keyword in the search bar, you can find people, groups, pages and posts that relate to your search.

This information allows you to tap directly into the audience for your particular product. Traditionally this type of insight only comes after some kind of customer interaction has taken place. By using Facebook Ads, you can essentially interact with your customer before money is at stake.

Budget friendly

The Facebook advertising program is created to be both user friendly and cost effective. When you purchase an ad you can choose to pay based on cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC). This essentially means that you pay based on the number of people that see your ad or in the case of CPC, those that click your ad. 

Yes, that could get expensive very quickly. So with this in mind, Facebook has programs to address budgets of different sizes. Not only can you determine how often your ad is displayed, you can also set a daily budget or a lifetime budget limit. The daily budget is a set amount that you allocate to pay each day that the ad is running. The lifetime budget limit is the amount of money you will put towards the ad during the entire time that it’s running. When you set these financial limits for the ads, Facebook will work to ensure that your ad is paced properly in order to take full advantage of the allotted budget.

Niche audience targeting

Because Facebook has a database of specific demographic information on all of the users, it’s possible for advertisers to choose an audience that has a very clearly defined set of interests rather than a more generalized set of keywords. This type of reach ensures that the people who see your ads are much more likely to convert and turn into customers.

According to a study done by ComScore, 70% of businesses who run an advertising campaign on Facebook receive a positive return on investment.

This is a very valuable metric for any business owner who has to get the most value from any money spent.

The community aspect of Facebook means that ads not only help with landing the sale, they also help with creating a fan base of customers.

Overall, it makes good sense for any small business owner to incorporate Facebook ads into a marketing campaign.

Besides the fact that it’s customizable according to your budget, you would be leaving money on the table if you didn’t take advantage of the pool of users on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising is a marketers dream come true.

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